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Profile: Regis and Karin Bernaleau - Chateau Mongravey - Bordeaux

Regis and Karin Bernaleau
Winemaker Chateau Mongravey, Bordeaux, France

Starting from a small Margaux established vineyard inherited from his father in 1980, Régis Bernaleau has expanded his two properties de Braude and Mongravey.
Nowadays, the 19 hectares composing these two domains are equally parted between the Margaux and Haut Médoc appellations.

In 2003, his passion for wine and the quality of his work are rewarded by the classification of the two Châteaux as Crus Bourgeois at the time of the historical revision of the classification of the Médoc’s Crus Bourgeois.

This success is the result of several years of rigour for a chemically controlled culture in the highest respect for the wine. This estate owner gives to the wine all the character and all the balance issued from the sumptuous gravely soil. Since 1999, heavy investments have been undertaken resulting in unquestionable high quality. The vat room totally transformed with the acquisition of wide thermo regulated vats allows for temperature control during vinifications.

The air conditioned cellar equipped with 450 French oak barrels made by 10 different coopers ensures complexity and quality of the wine when maturing.

When one produces wines of such quality, it is a real pleasure to sell them. Since 2000, Karin Bernaleau, undertakes this task using her numerous qualities, her business skills and her sense of communication.

The recognition of the wines made by this warm, dynamic and friendly couple, is constantly increasing.
This success has a recipe: exceptional soil, hard work, immense passion and desire to share, offering the best possible products.

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