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The Art of Gilding

Karpov Yuri Nikolaevich
Conservator Restorer of Wooden Architecture and Important Wooden Interior Artifacts

Gilding - Magical appearance of looks like rock solid golden item in fact there is only an incredibly thin layer on the real gold on the surface only. We all love the sun shine of mystical ever bright gold.
Here I would like to show you astonishing transformation of curved wooden surface in to a glorious golden artefact.

This is how the element looked like before. Some cleaning and preparations has been done in order to apply ground – gesso.

The ground has been sanded down to the appropriate shape and size.

The black bole has been applied in order to indicate which surface is going to be burnished - another wards polished with agate stone tool. And again all black surface has been gently sanded down.

Then the gold has been applied and burnished.

Now the rest of the surface has been painted to indicate where the gold will be laid.

The final gold has been applied.

Now the silver has completed the ensemble, then the golden and silvered surface have been distressed in order to get the difference between the shine and matt appearances and lacquered after.

Here it is the final result – solid looking golden item.
If you interested in technique, detailed explanation or estimation of a possible project as well as you would like to learn the art of gilding – please contact Yuri

Yuri Karpov

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