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What is Wine for us Human by Dejan Panjicanin

Dipl Sommelier Austria and Croatia

Wine is one of the oldest cultural treasures of mankind. The ancient Greeks and Romans appreciated the drink of the gods. Slightly elated to say, poetically inspired, wrote great thinkers, poets and philosophers down their plants. Enjoy cultural achievements such as tea or coffee are compared to wine in Europe, probably to modern times. More and more people are discovering this year, the culture of this potion.

Thus the view of history, as it were hard working on the object of study, you will then determine what the wine is actually created. That is not enough to quench thirst, but to bewitch the senses, as it harmonises the soul and the spirit inspiring. Poetry and imagination, the wine is the same.

The wine also has a very communicative element, because what is ultimately more natural than to share the "newly acquired" over a bottle of inspiration with like-minded people? Here one may agree to a rather mundane conclusion: The optimal number of aficionados per bottle is two. On the one hand, namely the sharing of the newly fertilized mind is little profit to himself, on the other hand, the contents of a bottle for three are unfortunately seen as simply not sufficiently long.

Before opening a bottle of drinking, of course, should be considered just cause. If the wine accompanying a meal, you can enjoy it alone? Different wines go equally to various events and occasions drinking red wine or white wine, dry or sweet, still or sparkling, still with the impetuous of his youth, or rather with the aloofness of maturity? Oenophiles What a choice!

Tasters cautiously approached, therefore, since the coming vintages, perhaps even inspired themselves as those thinkers, poets and philosophers who, like the wine, our world have done to so very much richer. And not just for the pleasure of the gods!

Dipl Sommelier - Dejan Panjicanin

Austrian Wine Story

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