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The Visionarium in Dolceacqua

Annelies Ruijgrok,
Private tour guide Liguria - Italy

This really is a must when you visit Dolceacqua in the Nervia valley, the Visionarium:

Hidden Harmonies is the new three-D documentary by E. Andrighetto.
It shows the four seasons in the Nervia Valley nature so that the audience can discover secret aspects and human traces in this secluded spot of the Riviera hinterland.
After a short introduction of the territory main interesting themes, the documentary goes on following the Seasons course. Winter is represented as the hinterland decay. While listening to the verses by Giannino Orengo, we can see poetical images of old remains in a magic night atmosphere and admire the upward slope through the snow up to the Toraggio top.

Spring shows the marvellous spontanoues blossoming in this area, related by professor Enrico MARTINI, a well known botanist from Genoa. Summer is the moment to discover chapels and sanctuaries scattered on far away slopes once tilled, now covered with thick bushes. It is also time for exploring streams and falls, often crossed by old hogbacked stone bridges, witness for past soil.

Autumn lets us enter the hidden world of the many caves of this territory, or explore Pigna dungeons and the "sèle", old store rooms for cheese seasoning around Pigna. The Documentary ends with a poems by Rita DE SANTIS and with some visual memories of a lately past.

Evocative musics by Delibes, Mozart, Vangelis, Chopin, Strass Jr, Tchaíkowski, Enya, Puccini were choosen to accompany the projecton and emphasize the poetical character of the documentary.
We can admire some of the most secluded places of this West Ligurian area, certainly unknown by most tourists.
That is why it is so interesting to have the possibility to breathe a natural atmosphere and watch places from such an original point of view.

Dolceacqua Visionarium offers 3D and Omnimax (total image) projectons where photography, music and poetry match in an amazing "crescendo". Even if they are an amateur production they offer a hugh quality as for artistic and cultural themes, rich of special effects on mega-screen. A unique performance of its kind in Italy.

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