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Brand Yourself as an Artist on Twitter

Lori McNee,
Artist/blogger, art tips, quote junkie, poetic painter, novice photographer, friend to birds and animals, busy mom living a healthy mountain life!

My teenagers were mortified to find me on Twitter. First blogging and now this! But, don’t allow yourself to underestimate the power of social media and micro-blogging services. Twitter is one of the quickest ways to build brand recognition for you and your art business.

What do I mean by branding? The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”

A strong brand is invaluable and serves to communicate credibility to your prospective customers and business associates. You want your brand to reside in the hearts and minds of your clients, collectors, prospective customers and competitors. Twitter is the perfect site to begin branding yourself online. It’s true that some people do use (or misuse) Twitter as a way to share their mundane lives with us. However, many intelligent minds are sharing links, news, photos, websites, blog posts, videos, podcasts and more. Finding and networking with like-minded individuals is a great advantage.

Here are important branding tips to think about: Please add your suggestions by commenting below…

1. @Name: Your name is the first thing that people will see on Twitter. Used the name you wish to represent your artist brand. When I first started on Twitter I used @lorimcnee, but quickly changed my name to @lorimcneeartist and gained followers rapidly. It is easier for people to associate me as an artist this way. Also, when people search ‘artist’, my name appears. Once your Twitter page is complete, I suggest you consider adding yourself and your interests to the free Twitter Directory, WeFollow. This way, you can track your ranking, status and influence on Twitter. Currently, I am ranked the #2 most influential artist on Twitter according to WeFollow!

2. The Profile & Bio: Choose your profile wisely. This is a great opportunity to brand yourself on Twitter. These few words will say a lot to the world about who and what you are. Make it ‘catchy’, this description says a lot about you which helps people make the choice to follow you or not. A custom page is a good way to immediately grab attention.

3. The Profile Picture: Remember you are building your artist brand. It is noted that most people relate to and want to see a friendly face. If you are not comfortable with this, then pick a great image of your art that represents you and grabs attention.

4. Your Website: Do not forget to add your website to your profile. Make sure your portfolio is visible. Twitter will drive traffic to your site.

5. When To Tweet For Impact:
12 midnight – 4am PST: 6, all between 12 midnight and 2am = 3 per hour
4am – 8am PST: none (partially due to the fact that I am sleeping)
8am – 12 noon PST: 8, all 10am – 12 noon = 4 per hour
12 noon – 4pm PST: 11, 9 between 1:30 – 3pm = 6 per hour
4pm – 8pm PST: 9, evenly spread = 2.25 per hour
8pm – 12 midnight PST: 3 = 0.75 per hour

6. Be a Good Follower: Next, follow people and organizations
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