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On this page you will find background information regarding professional gourmet and wine reviewers, including link references to their field of expertise, blogs and published articles ……..

Vacaza blog articles are randomly featured with individual listings by matching keywords. Every time a listing page is refreshed, different articles will appear. Articles contain embedded links (a nice way to exchange links!) and are always presented with the writers image and a reciprocal link to the writers blog or website. If you interested to post articles in this blog feel free to contact us (read more ...).

Call for artisan and wine maker profiles:
Please feel free to post your profile on our forum.
All postings are automatically posted in this blog.

All references agreed to host their links on this page.


Graham Howe
Food, wine and travel columnist
South Africa


Juliana Loh
Travels, writes, cooks and works on personal projects
Beijng - Singapore


Guillaume Jourdan,
Brand awareness and improve brand image by building customized strategies for wine estates

Jiles Halling,
UK’s leading Champagne host

Ryan O’connell
Wine maker and writer in the Languedoc Roussillon (more to come soon)

Barbara Walton,
Gourmet writer for the French regions Limousin, Charente and Dordogne

Federica and Gabriele,

Writers of UmbriaLoversBlog

Chiara Rigoli,
All about Langhe, Monferrato and Roero in the heart of Piedmont

Annelies Ruijgrok,
All about the Liguria area

Mark and Giselle Stafford,
All about wine tours in Umbria

World Winetour 2010, Anja and Georges: Helping change lives in Laos
The Netherlands

Jancis Robinson,
Wine critic, journalist and editor of wine literature
United Kingdom

Sarah Ahmed,

Wine writer & educator
United Kingdom


Jayson Bryant,

New Zealand's most passionate wine guy
New Zealand


Natalie Maclean,

Wine writer and author

Jennifer Schell,

Managing Editor BC Wine Trails Magazine

Kevin Major,

Newfoundland & Labrador author

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Sarah Ahmed

A wine tasting course was the catalyst for my re-invention from lawyer to purveyor, raconteur and professional imbiber of wines. As they say, converts are always the worst and I love sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm about wine through The Wine Detective tastings and wine writing.

Since joining the wine trade in 2000, I’ve travelled widely to keep up with developments and discover exciting wines to write about and present at tastings. Today, I'm an award-winning freelance wine writer, blogger, educator and judge, with a particular interest in the wines of Australia, the Loire, Portugal and South Africa. I also present tutored tastings, courses and events nationwide for a range of clients.

My features have appeared in publications including: The World of Fine Wine, Decanter, Harpers Wine and Spirit, The Drinks Business and Imbibe. I contribute to the annual guides Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book (for Portugal, Port & Madeira) and Oz Clarke Pocket Wine Book (for the Loire). Past contributions include The World Atlas of Wine (6th ed), and Hugh Johnson’s & Neil Beckett’s “1001 Wines you must drink before you die.” In 2009, I was the Portuguese Annual Wine Awards Wine Writer of the Year and shortlisted for the International Wine & Spirit Competition Communicator of the Year.

Sarah Ahmed
The Wine Detective
(Wine writer & educator)

Portuguese Annual Wine Awards Wine Writer of the Year 2009
Shortlisted International Wine & Spirit Competition Communicator of the Year 2009

T: 00 44 (0)77696 50223
Sarah Ahmed
The Wine Detective

Subscribe for Sarah’s newsletter.

Tastings with Sarah: Read more …..

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Jancis Robinson

One of a handful of wine communicators with an international reputation, Jancis Robinson writes daily for, weekly for The Financial Times, and bi-monthly for a column that is syndicated around the world. She is also editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine and co-author with Hugh Johnson ofThe World Atlas of Wine, each of these books recognised as a standard reference worldwide.

An award-winning tv presenter, she is invited all over the world to conduct wine events and act as a wine judge. In 1984 she was the first person outside the wine trade to pass the rigorous Master of Wine exams and in 2003 she was awarded an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen, on whose cellar she now advises.

She loves and lives for wine in all its glorious diversity, generally favouring balance and subtlety over sheer mass. was founded in 2000 and has thousands of free articles. hosts 40,000+ wine reviews, Oxford Companion, searchable World Atlas, a friendly forum and more on the members-only Purple pages.

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WINE & FOOD REVIEWS (South Africa – Host of the FIFA World Cup 2010)

Graham Howe: gourmet travel writer

Graham Howe is one of South Africa's most experienced lifestyle journalists, based in Cape Town. He is a food, wine and travel columnist for Habitat, the Cape Times, Business Day's Homefront, Business Traveller, Luxury Life, SAFM's Time to Travel, Eat Out and Graham has contributed hundreds of food, wine and travel features to South African and British publications over the last 25 years.

When not exploring the Cape winelands, this adventurous globetrotter reports on exotic destinations around the world as a travel correspondent - and for the weekly travel show on SAFM radio.

Over the last decade, he has visited over fifty countries on travel assignments from the Aran Islands and the Arctic to Borneo and Tristan da Cunha - and entertained readers with his adventures through the winelands of the world from the Mosel to the Yarra ."

For an update of Grahams last publications: read more …..

For those who will visit the FIFA World Cup South Africa and like good food Graham has composed a nice top 10 restaurants for you on

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Natalie Maclean: Wining and Writing

“People think I have the best job in the world,” laughs Natalie Maclean – one of North America’s leading wine writers and the author of Red, White and Drunk All Over. “They think I’m drunk all day.”

At the 2003 World Food Media Awards in Australia, Natalie was named the World's Best Drink Writer ahead of 1,000 other writers. Her articles have appeared in more than sixty newspapers and magazines, including the Chicago Tribuneand BusinessWeek. ( Read more )

Natalie’s e-newsletter, called Nat Decants, is free and its wide distribution and popularity has helped to put her on the wine writing map – and drive countless paid writing assignments her way from magazines around the world. Anyone can sign up for Nat Decants by visiting .

Follow Natalie on Twittter

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Jennifer Schell: BC Wine Trails Magazine - Canada

Jennifer Schell-Pigott: I am a food writer/columnist and Managing Editor of a British Columbia based Wine Magazine - BC Wine Trails Magazine. We offer insights into our wineries and wine country by including stories about the people behind the labels as well as about current wine tasting notes and releases. We are considered the most comprehensive guide to British Columbia's blossoming wine country- and offer direction on where to eat, drink and play on your next visit. Watch us as we continue to rise onto the world stage of wines and join me as I share with you stories about my food and wine trails through Canada's magnificent West.

Jennifer Schell-Pigott
Managing Editor/Director of Sales
BC Wine Trails Magazine

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Kevin Major: Novelist, playwright, writer of non-fiction and books for young people. Now wine blogger. Santé!

I’m Newfoundland & Labrador author Kevin Major. I’ve written fifteen books, including “No Man’s Land”, “As Near to Heaven by Sea”, and ”Hold Fast.” And plays, most recently “Lead Me Home.” A new novel, titled “New Under the Sun”, will be released in August of 2010.

Nothing about wine, however.

For a good part of my life my wine purchases were based on:
A. the price ($10-$15, depending on the decade) and/or
B. the label (whether it was eye-catching, preferably with a gold sticker from some competition).

It was Hemingway who wrote, “Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world.” Somehow that line had escaped me.
For years I skirted the world of exceptional wine, intimidated, ambivalent. But now, though late to the oasis, I’ve plunged feet first into it, reading as much as I can, and tasting as much as my pocketbook will allow. I’m feeling more confident.

I’ve taken a particular interest in organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. My intention is to search out and experience One Brilliant Bottle a week, each week for the first year of the new decade, 2010.

Kevin Major

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Guillaume Jourdan

Guillaume Jourdan founded VitaBella – a Wine Marketing & Communication Company - in 2004 and has helped more than 50 international wine estates to develop brand awareness and improve brand image by building customized strategies. He lives in Paris (France).

As consultant, his experience is as deep as it is diverse encompassing the disciplines of advertising, branding, sales promotion and public relations. Most notably he has worked with companies in a strong international environment and had to deal with complicated issues in American, Asian and European countries.

As Wine expert, he has a deep knowledge of old vintages (especially Bordeaux from 1900, Burgundy and Rhone Valley) and a very good understanding of most of the fine wines produced both in Old and New World. He is the co-author of The impact of Label Design on Consumer Buying Behaviour, two VitaBella – Phebos reports that helped the wine industry to make changes on labels in order to increase sales and profitability.

Guillaume studied Business School in Paris and Master of Business Administration at Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland).

55 rue Boussingault
75013 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 65 39 72

To learn more about Guillaume please visit .

PS: Copies of Guillaume articles are also published in the Deligogo Blog

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Jiles Halling is UK’s leading Champagne host. Jiles worked for Moet et Chandon and Yvonne runs a B&B from their beautiful home in the heart of Champagne, nestled in a Grand Cru village.

Jiles built up a vast amount of knowledge about all things bubbly, making lots of contacts in the region, and getting to know the people who've lived there for centuries while crafting their products with love and passion.
On his site Madaboutbubbly you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about champagne, the drink, the people, the region and the food. Please feel free to contact Jiles directly if you plan a visit to the Champagne region.

To learn more about Madaboutbubbly please visit .

PS: Copies of Jiles articles are also published in the Deligogo Blog

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Barbara Walton

Barbara organises slow food tours, is a painter, (art- & gourmet-) writer and runs painting courses herself in a lovely old farmhouse “Les Trois Chênes” which is situated within the Parc Naturel du Perigord-Limousin in SW France.

To learn more about Barbara please visit .

PS: Copies of Barbara’s articles are also published in the Deligogo Blog

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Federica and Gabriele

Federica and Gabriele and write UmbriaLoversBlog to spread their passion about Umbria to the widest range of people, to make them in love of this region as they are. Second, Federica and Gabriele would like to help visitors to find the best non-touristic travel experiences reading about local people like them.

Federica and Gabriele really hope you enjoy Umbria as they do!

To learn more about UmbriaLoversBlog please visit Umbrialoversblog .

PS: Copies of UmbriaLoversBlog articles are also published in the Deligogo Blog

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Chiara is born from Chiara's passions for travels and her lands with the mission to let everyone know the history, the culture, the nature, the food and the wine of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero in the heart of Piedmont. On the site you can find all the tips, the detailed maps and the advices to plan your travel; discover the local food, wine and recipes.

To learn more about please visit .

PS: Copies of articles are also published in the Deligogo Blog

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Annelies lives in Italy for over 30 years, in this wonderful region of Liguria, where sea and mountains melt together, where you can enjoy the beautiful colours of the azure mediterranean sea and taste the flavour of fresh basilicum or of fresh fish, or make a walk through the mountains that offer spectacular views, rest in the shadow of seculary olive trees tasting a good glass of wine…… Annelies runs a travel agency and works as a guide, so she can show you every hidden corner.

To learn more about the Liguria area please visit:

PS: Copies of Annelies’s articles are also published in the Deligogo Blog

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Mark and Giselle Stafford

We, Mark and Giselle, have been living in Italy for around 8 years and in that time have acquired a deep passion for the Italian wines with their regional differences, their surprising depth and flavours.
Coming from England where the majority of wines are from France, we were bowled over by the Italian wines: their approachability, variety, quality and value.

We’ve had many friends and family come and visit us over the years and every time they visited we took them on a wine tour.

They all said that we should do this for a living, so finally we took them up on their word!

To learn more about Gusto Winetours please visit Gusto Winetours .

PS: Copies of Gusto Winetours articles are also published in the Deligogo Blog

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Jayson Bryant

Jayson has crafted a profession from his passion and would love to share his opinion, and that is all it is, on New Zealand wine. Forget infomercials and advertising as Jayson Bryant is completely independent of the wine industry and has no hidden agenda other than telling the public about wine.

Jayson’s roots in wine began when his father literally dragged him round France and injected his passion into him. From the age of 8 his family took month long holidays in France travelling through all regions and sampling their wine.

Bored of normal retail and it’s traditional values Jayson Bryant observed that the wine industry was stale and embarked on a personal mission to change it. Through Wine Vault TV and his use of social media he started to inform the New Zealand public about wine through the internet.

The Wine Vault on Facebook

Jayson Bryant now has a segment on a national radio station and has appeared in many publications. It always troubled Jayson to observe the stuffiness of the industry–conceited sommeliers, snobby shopkeepers unwilling (or unable) to educate their customers, and seemingly mystical conventions all combine to make wine seem intimidating to the uninitiated. Wine Vault TV has reinvented the concept of wine tasting in New Zealand and along the way found a new and willing audience. In addition to encouraging straightforward wine tasting, Jayson educates viewers about the effects of regional factors (soil, sun, wind) on wine flavours, and how to buy wine.

To learn more about Jayson Bryant and .

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Juliana Loh

Juliana is many things at once; when she’s not doing yoga headstands or taking up personal ads in the classifieds, she volunteers at Beijing Cat and Shambhala. She also travels, writes, cooks and works on personal projects.

This not-so-sterile Singaporean currently lives in Beijing and was most recently the Food and Art Editor of one of the city’s expat rags. She currently does communications and a range of interesting things for an achingly hip, luxuriousproperty. As a former advertising creative, she is interested to collaborate on experimental projects as well as take on freelance work to fund her travels.

She speaks good English, Cantonese, Mandarin, decent French, poor Malay and terrible Italian.

If you’d like to get in touch for work, collaborate on projects or tell Juliana Loh a story, please visit

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Anja and Georges

During this project, Georges and Anja will travel the globe collecting wine bottles from participating wineries. All bottles will be shipped back to California thanks to JF Hillebrand, where an auction will be held at Robert Mondavi Winery in 2011. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation Inc, helping change lives in Laos. The Charity works on a variety of projects, from caring for a school for blind children, to operating medical missions in remote areas, to building schools, building clinics, and bringing medical supplies into the country. The charity is currently supervising the construction of an aquaduct to bring water to a village of over 500 inhabitants whose fresh water supply has dried out. The funds raised by the auction in 2011 will go to help rebuild a school destroyed by massive flooding of the Mekong River in 2008.

Anja Cheriakova :
Anja is originally from Belarus and immigrated to the Netherlands with her family. She is a Master student at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and will simultaneously be performing research during the World Wine Tour. Fluent in many languages, she has recently turned her attention to one more: Wine!

Georges Janssens :
Georges is a California native with French background. He has recently graduated from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Having grown up in the Napa Valley, Georges has enjoyed working in several wineries there. Webmaster for the project, he is currently writing about himself in the third person.

Learn more about Anja and Georges - - please visit