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Inbal B.

Middle East, Israel

Inbal B.

About Israel Food Tours

Regional contact and Guest writer for Vacaza Deligogo

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Growing up in the U.S. as a child of Israeli parents I was spoiled with the delicacies of pita, hummus, and fresh vegetables in the morning - flavors that have become the staples of my day-to-day now that I live in Israel.

After leaving my fast-paced attorney job, I have slowed down in order to savor my days, including cooking and sharing delicious food with friends. My pride in Israel's rich cultural heritage comes out most when I get to share in areas which are often unexpected for visitors - food, wine, yoga, sports, and the arts.

At Israel Food Tours we want to share the richness of Israel's culinary diversity; after all, the cliche is almost always true, the quickest way to your heart is through your stomach.

Please feel free to contact us for questions.

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