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Marcello Baglioni

Europe, Italy, Sicily

Marcello Baglioni

Sicily Travel Specialist

Regional contact and Guest writer for Vacaza Deligogo

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Marcello Baglioni / AgaVe Travel Creative / Cultural Concierge

Born in Hollywood, California, and raised in his Italian family’s landmark restaurant, Emilio’s, alongside his five siblings. Marcello was immersed in the food, wine, and service culture as a child, learning how to spell Chianti before his ABC’s. He grew up travelling through Europe, visiting family while being exposed to an international world of taste. Pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Art History he supported his way continuing to expand his palate and refining his service style. Earning a Masters Degree in Mayan Hieroglyphics, he took a detour into southern Mexico to savor the culinary flavors and traditions of the ancient western world. 

For the past decade, Marcello has continued his creative culinary cultural journey on the southern Italian island of Sicily, where he fell in love with the people, culture and most of all the food!! His multi-cultural adventurous spirit, love of food + wine, and a passion for meeting people, led him to become a Cultural Concierge with AgaVe Travel Creative. As one of the select “Condé Nast Top Travel Specialists” for Sicily, he coordinates culinary events with his “Sicilian connections” for kindred spirits looking to explore and discover the cultural mosaic of Sicily.

Marcello has a passion for service and an innate love of gastronomic culture. His vast and varied experiences in both back and front of house, managing high-end and casual events, in both catered and restaurant contexts are fueled by his drive to explore the world of flavor and provide quality service to his guests wherever they are to be found.

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