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Gerolamo Bollo

Europe, Italy, Liguria, Moneglia

Gerolamo Bollo

La casa dell'Ammiraglio - the best place to stay in Moneglia

Regional contact for Vacaza Deligogo

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MONEGLIA is a charming seaside village overlooking the eastern part of the Gulf of Tigullio on the east coast of Genoa.

Already its Latin name “Monilia” (jewel) indicates how much was appreciated its location and its climate assured by an amphitheater of hills surrounding the little town

Located about twenty kilometers. west of the world famous Cinque Terre and to the east from the harbor of Portofino, a traditional meeting place of the international jet set, it is an ideal starting point for a quick visit to these two destinations.

In the historical center of the village, just a few steps from the beaches, lies the building of the "Admiral's House”, the historic residence dating back to 1500, which includes at the second floor of this patrician Genoese building, the B & B owned and operated by me, grandson of the late Admiral Gerolamo BOLLO

My great-grandfather, Esq. Fabio Marengo, donated it as dowry to his daughter Oliva when she married my grandfather, the future Admiral.

It is trivial to point out that it is the most prestigious building, furnished, decorated and painted most with authentic antique furniture and that the treatment and care of the B&B’s Guests are comparable to a five star hotel.

What is rather more difficult to describe or photograph is the heritage of the history of my Family, living in the region for more than seven centuries, guardian of traditions, historical and geographical knowledge, various myths and legends, which are made ​​available to the Guests depending on of their interests and ranging across the Genoese Riviera and its hinterland.

We will not forget also good and rare addresses of excellent food and wine places, hidden in the hinterland!

In summary, the difference between a visit of one or two days, as do thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world, to 5Terre and / or Portofino and a slightly longer stay at THE ADMIRAL’S HOUSE is the same as a 48 hours trip in Paris, where you only see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Bateaux Mouche and a tour that also includes the Louvre, the Latin Quarter, the Opéra, the Marché aux Puces…

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