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Alon Galin


Alon Galin

Discover authentic Israeli life, enjoy the diversity of landscapes, cultures and communities, flora & fauna with WalkInnIsrael self guided treks

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Walkinnisrael is entirely about you. You set the pace. You decide what you want to spend your time exploring. It's up to you. All you need to do now is choose the route that suits your interest and travel style, arrive in Israel and we will take care of the rest.

Walkinnisrael is all about  discovering the authentic Israeli life through self guided inn to inn walks in untrodden paths of Israel.

Walk the trails and enjoy the incredible diversity of landscapes, human cultures and communities.

Experience the places of prayers, dreams and history. where Jesus and his disciples walked, kings and prophets lived and ancient empires rose and fell.

Meet the locals and visit the sites ans locations, both ancient & modern, known to them alone and only reached by walking.

Enjoy the warmth and hospitality of these locals, eager to show you their unique way of life and legacy.

We have developed easy to follow, independent walking programs to allow you to safely and comfortably experience a walk through Israel.

We are in 24/7 contact, take care of all your needs including walking trail navigation system, accommodations, meals, and luggage transfer.

Explore - Experience - Enjoy

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