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Guillaume Jourdan

Europe, France, Paris

Guillaume Jourdan

Brand awareness and improve brand image by building customized strategies for wine estates

Regional contact and Guest writer for Vacaza Deligogo

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Guillaume Jourdan founded VitaBella – a Wine Marketing & Communication Company - in 2004 and has helped more than 50 international wine estates to develop brand awareness and improve brand image by building customized strategies. He lives in Paris (France).

As consultant, his experience is as deep as it is diverse encompassing the disciplines of advertising, branding, sales promotion and public relations. Most notably he has worked with companies in a strong international environment and had to deal with complicated issues in American, Asian and European countries.

As Wine expert, he has a deep knowledge of old vintages (especially Bordeaux from 1900, Burgundy and Rhone Valley) and a very good understanding of most of the fine wines produced both in Old and New World. He is the co-author of The impact of Label Design on Consumer Buying Behaviour, two VitaBella – Phebos reports that helped the wine industry to make changes on labels in order to increase sales and profitability.

Guillaume studied Business School in Paris and Master of Business Administration at Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland).

Guillermo is a Vacaza guest writer.