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Natalia Ladecka-Papadogona

Europe, Italy, Piedmont, Torino

Natalia Ladecka-Papadogona

I would like to share with you my love for these beautiful lands which are still not known by mass tourism.

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My name is Natalia and I am a qualified tour guide in Nothern Italy since 2010 and I have a background as a small family-run tour operator for exclusive sites.

I live in Ivrea, at the feet of the alps, alf-way between Turin and Aosta, and I would like to share with you my love for these beautiful lands which are still not known by mass tourism.

The city of Ivrea is the capital of the county of Canavese, borderland at the feet of the Alps of the Piedmont region, a natural gateway between the Italian peninsula and Europe, millenary crossroads for armies, merchants, pilgrims tracing the routes of the Via Salaria and Via Francigena through the valleys of Mont Blanc and Graie Alps reaching Turin, the capital of the Savoy Reign and the first Italian Capital.

Land of fairs and fascinating Celtic populations, then the land of Roman centurions up to the Middle Ages, when it becomes land of knights and ladies, of heroic characters, passionate rebellions and events shrouded in legend.
Land of lakes, hills, forests, castles, protected by the loving arms of the Serra Morenica, one of the largest morainic hills in the world, also known as the amphitheater of the city of Ivrea in which the vineyards enjoy the sweetness of its microclimate, to give the excellence of its wines, such as the Carema Nebbiolo and the Caluso Erbaluce.

The cuisine of Canavese has definite flavors: cured meats and Alpine pasture cheeses, ”Capònet” rolls of Savoy cabbage with meat, stuffed onions with amaretto, “Bagna Caòda” the distinguished anchovy sauce served as a dip for crudités, “Ajucche” wild herbs soup served with bread ...all this it’s just a "taste" of what awaits you!




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