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Antonella Mele

Europe, Italy

Antonella Mele

Discover the hidden Puglia

Regional contact and Guest writer for Vacaza

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As Soon As Puglia is a group of tour guides, Art historians, trekking experts, gourmets and journalists who offers you high level of services and will help you to discover the most hidden Puglia and Basilicata.  Our goal is to establish a genuine contact between different lifestyles by proposing an experience of deep knowledge from an aesthetic, intellectual and emotional point of view. We offer tailored itineraries to every traveler, trying to combine one’s interests with typicalities of the territory.

We address to those who love the beauty of small things, to those who know the value of the right time for plants to grow, for bread to leaven properly...we address to those who want to hear the stories that this land wants to tell.

To those who think that “the best of a journey is not the destination, but the travelling itself” (Tiziano Terzani)

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