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Sean O´Rourke

Europe, Portugal, Spain

Sean O´Rourke

EATing and Wine Tasting Tour Specialist for Spain and Portugal

Regional contact for Vacaza

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About me (about.me/seanor):

Fascinated with the Celtic World, perhaps because of his Scottish and Irish roots, Sean O'Rourke, a Canadian living in Vigo, Galicia, for over 14 years is not your average Tour Director. Sean also likes to write articles about food and wine and has collaborated with magazines like; Wines From Spain News, Conde Nast Traveller, Fodor’s, etc... Sean is the Co-Founder of EATour Specialist (http://www.eatourspecialist.com), and dedicates his time organizing vacations for individuals and small groups, fundamentally from the United States of America and Canada, which in a few days enjoy to all degrees the excellence of various wines and gastronomy of Galicia.

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