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Annelies Ruijgrok

Europe, Italy, Liguria

Annelies Ruijgrok

Regional contact and Guest writer for Vacaza Deligogo

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Hi!, let me first present myself: my name is Annelies, I was born in the Netherlands, but I live since 30 years in Italy.

During this period I've learned to know and love Italy and I really would like to share this with you. I live in a small village in Liguria.

What's Liguria?, where is it? Many people never even heard of it. You see? Liguria is located between France on the westside, Toscana at the east, the Alps and Piemond in the north and the Mediterranean sea on the south.

I live in the province of Imperia, and that is the most unknown part of Liguria, that I would like you to know. Surely you have heard about the Cinque Terre, or the city of Genova, but have you ever heard about Apricale, Pigna, Baiardo, the red wine Vino Rossese, the olive oil of Taggaschi olives, the Alta Via that leads along the Alps and offers breathtaking vieuws, the places where you can make cycling- or walkingtours in absolute immersion in nature, where traditions are still vivid, where you can taste delicious food and even learn the secrets of the old recipes...

It simply is a hidden corner of nature and culture of Italy.

I will show you a little bit around, hoping you will get to love Liguria like I do and that maybe you'll come and visit it.
And ofcourse, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!