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Anton Skyba


Anton Skyba

Kyiv Tasty Tours

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My name is Anton and I am working in tourism for a couple of years. In my leisure time I enjoy cooking and of course I like to eat what I have cooked. By combining my professional activity and hobby I came with the idea of "Kyiv Tasty Tours". I really want all tourists to feel, taste and see Kyiv through the eyes of the local person. I travel myself a lot and I know how difficult it is sometimes to find really unique place to eat in a new city!

Ukraine and Kyiv have own old gastronomic traditions. Many people know about our borscht, Chicken Kyiv, varenyky or Kyiv cake. But this is not the whole list of meals you should try here. Ukrainian cuisine is quite authentic and worthy to be eaten. If you add to Ukrainian food traditions Tatar, Transcarpathian and Soviet union cuisines, that are also quite popular here, it turns out that the country is quite gastronomically diverse.

We have also very interesting alcoholic traditions in Ukraine. You should definitely try the legendary honey and pepper homemade vodka. This is something! Wine was brought to Ukraine by ancient Greeks, but overtime developed its own style. Our exclusive Ukrainian beer has unique taste – I am sure you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy Bavarian beer! You just need to know where to find these special beverages.

I will be happy to introduce you to gastronomic traditions of Kyiv during my "delicious" tour. If you are interested in learning the secrets of Ukrainian cooking, my wife Nataliya and I will be glad to be your guides. We will cook and discover gastronomic Kyiv together with you with a great pleasure! Our dream is to impress you with our diverse and rich Ukrainian cuisine!

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