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Giselle and Mark Stafford

Europe, Italy, Umbria

Giselle and Mark Stafford

Customised Wine Tours - Learn more about Umbria and Umbrian wines

Regional contact and Guest writer for Vacaza Deligogo

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We are Mark and Giselle and we’ve been living in Italy for several years now and in that time have acquired a deep passion  for the Italian wines with their regional differences along with their surprising depth and flavours..

Coming from England where the majority of wines are imported from France, we were bowled over by the Italian wines:

their approachability, variety, quality and value.

We've had many friends and family come and visit us over the years and every time they visited we took them for tastings at the local  cantine. They all said that we should do this for a living, so finally we did. Gusto Wine Tours was born!

GUSTO WINE TOURS is an enterprise specialising in intimate, unforgettable wine tours.
We LOVE to give wine tours! Come and share our passion for this beautiful region!

If you are seeking a light-hearted and fun day tour tasting delicious wines and learning a little about wine, you won't be disappointed! This is all about enjoyment of the senses, leaving the rather snobby image of wine-tasting far behind.

Small, charming, hidden cantinas and family-owned operations are our passion. We like nothing better than to bring our guests to hidden-gem cantinas - many of which they have never even heard of and would probably never find on their own.
These places offer some of Italy's most spectacular wines. They give some of the world's best wines a run for their money at prices that will amaze you.

We conduct daily tours for individuals where you will join with other like-minded folk.

We also cater for exclusive private tours for your own group, contact us for details and availability.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


Giselle & Mark





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