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Marga Tubau

Europe, Spain, Barcelona and Bilbao

Marga Tubau

Our goal is that tourists can discover and explore the most attractive places of Bilbao and Barcelona and several places of their surroundings.

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It is compound of a team with experience in both tourism-related activities and travel activities. This company arose out of a desire to provide people with unique experiences. People that choose to live unforgettable experiences while enjoying their trips with a personalised attention.

The trademark *Visit Barcelona Bilbao reflects our specialisation: travel organization and tours over two different and worldwide known cities, characterised by their modernity, their architectural and urban design and their innovation. In addition, they both have an excellent gastronomy. Two beautiful cities, in which the culture, history, unique architecture and modernity are an important thing, that do not leave their visitors indifferent.


We offer a travel concept addressed to tourists that feel as cosmopolitan citizens and walking lovers. Our goal is that tourists can discover and explore the most attractive places of the two cities and several places of their surroundings. Idea for motivated tourists mainly interested in buildings and urban layouts of a meaningful architecture and also interested in the culture and the historical development of these cities. Our business goal is to provide our clients with a wonderful trip. A trip they can remember as a unique experience. We have selected several comfortable and centrally located hotels with a special charm. At the same time, during the visits included in the tours, you will be accompanied with expert guides. Moreover, we offer you the chance to choose from a wide range of excursions and alternative visits, according to the personal or professional interest of each visitor.

Visit Barcelona Bilbao is a trademark of services related to tourism, acting within the sector as specialised division of the company Sohocentelles S.L: ID B64588189, provided with title - licence of business travel service.

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