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Jeevan Verma


Jeevan Verma

Eco Voluntary Tourism in Kanda India, is a life-changing activity.

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Eco Voluntary Tourism in Kanda India

When you arrive at this quaint region, you’ll be impressed by its richness in real-life treasures. Whilst its pure air and panoramic mountain scenery are visual delights, age-old Indian hospitality, vivid traditions and soldiering qualities are cultural delights. Kanda people are mainly occupied in agricultural farming, tea gardening, horticulture, forestry, handicrafts, jewelry.

Their artistic skills in carpet weaving, painting, bamboo craft, carving on gold and silver are notable. But as you go on exploring the place you’ll find that more than 50% of people residing here live below poverty line and lack in basic necessities such as adequate sanitation and shelter.
Living with the locals as a family, knowing their culture and traditions will provide you with immense of pleasurable moments. But what’s makes voluntary tourism vacations in Kanda different and unique is that these pleasurable moments of your life will help in the growth and development of the poor villagers. Your pleasure will give them happiness of lifetime, isn’t it great?

Eco Voluntary Tourism in Kanda India, each day brings a new mixture some of the fantastic activities you will enjoy as a volunteer – teaching English at local school, arts work, building construction with local craft’s persons , carpentry, soil conservation, housekeeping, Cooking, Dairy, poultry, Organic farming, games with family kids, walking nature sight/bio diversity/ wildlife/forest walk/ village walk/Heritage sight/ religious sight/Himalayan view/local craft’s persons village and the computer working.

Eco Voluntary Tourism in Kanda India, program of activities is geared to each young level of knowledge development.
Kanda is remote, in the district of Bageshwar, in the Kumaoni hill range of Uttaranchal, a hilly province of northern India. It is a dispersed settlement cluster of about 30 villages,


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