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Edith Brons en Willem Smit

Europe, Italy, Umbria

Edith Brons en Willem Smit

we'll do almost everything to make your (creative) holiday unforgettable

Regional contact for Vacaza Krazart Deligogo

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‘Al settimo cielo’, in seventh heaven, we offer small group courses (max. 10 people) and tailor made happenings. Courses in sculpturing, ceramics, painting, felting, mosaics, music theatre and cooking or whatever you like. All courses take place under the supervision of teachers who have shown their excellence.

We also organize ‘surprise trips’ which may mean a complete surprise, set up by us or tailor made wine-and food trips, preferably combined with visits to cultural/historical places and eventually with some cooking classes or creative activities. Trekkings in our wonderful area are possible as well, eventually in combination with some of the activities mentioned before. You name it and we’ll do our utmost to organize it! Besides this offer, we are open to any ideas for other (creative) activities.

If you have an idea for a (creative) project and are you looking for a location to carry it out, please get in touch with us to explore the possibilities of realisation.

You choose us because of our personal approach, our flexibility and our stunning, heavenly property and the highly interesting surroundings.

Another reason to choose us is the informal atmosphere, the personal touch, our tender loving care and meals, our sense of humor, pleasant company of other people that we attract. We know the local people, the language and the surroundings. We have built up a constantly expanding network in the region. This gives the opportunity to get in touch with people, historical, cultural and nature sites, which you could not find as a normal tourist. If desired we will walk the unbeaten paths with you and function as a guide, intermediary, interpreter etc.

About us:

After having worked as (Dutch) lawyers over 35 years we , Willem Smit and Edith Brons, decided to change track and to dedicate ourselves to another passion, arts. We have always had a wide interest in arts. A few years ago we got in touch with the meditative power of sculpturing ‘al fresco’ in the wonderful Italian landscape. That was very inspiring. We wished to share this experience with other people. So in 2004 we started undertaking the search for an inspiring spot in central Italy. Three years of efforts were rewarded: finally we found a wonderful, poetical spot in the south of Umbria. The location is more than ideal just between Rome and Florence, easily accessible both by public transport and by car. One year we have been working on the preparation of the property and the accommodations. It has really been tough to reach the seventh heaven!

Our creative force is in the development of ideas, bringing the right people together, to stimulate and to create the proper basic provisions, like housing, materials and tools, tasteful meals, good music, inspiring excursions etc.


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