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Amanda Zenick


Amanda Zenick

Authentic, Active Travel in Peru and Bolivia

Regional contact and Guest writer for Vacaza

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Ayni Peru Expedition is a responsible tour and trek operator based in Cusco, Peru.  As a founder and company sales manager, I bring over six years of experience in Bolivian and Peruvian adventure travel. 

I have been involved in travel within Peru for over 10 years, and have spent time in almost every area of the country! Together with my Peruvian co-founders, we have approximately 30 years of experience designing, leading and operating authentic, adventurous and fascinating tours and alternative treks throughout Peru and Bolivia.  

I love creating travel packages for clients that allows them to see a side of these beautiful countries that most visitors miss out on, including homestays in local communities, visits to festivals and treks to remote Inca ruins.  We work with all local staff, and pay above-average wages for their professional, experienced work.

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