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Jeannette de

Europe, Catalunia, Spain

Jeannette de

Happiness travel in Catalunia

Regional contact for Vacaza

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We are Erik & Jeannette. We organize Happiness tours for people who want to celebrate their holiday.

Discover authentic Spain. We show you places that are not in the guidebooks. We've and worked in Catalonia since 2.5 years and have received countless guests that we have shown. The beauty of CataloniaOur specialty are the places that you will not find on TripAdvisor.

Jeannette is a visual artist and does it with passion. She is also energetic therapist. She heals people. Her vision is that you can use art as a healer. She does this every day. Erik is a coach and is specialized in the Ethics of Life art. Characteristic of our cooperation is balance. We work with heart and soul, in openness and simplicity. On our website you can view the arrangements. Surprise yourself, there is plenty to see and explore. You may contact us if you want to book an individual trip for yourself.

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