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silvia maccari

Europe, Italy

silvia maccari

OLIO - The first school in Italy which combines classes on olive oil with cooking

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My name is Silvia Maccari and I've been teaching Italian cooking here in Florence and abroad in the past 20 years.

I'm also certified Olive Oil Taster, registered at Florence Chamber of Commerce and tour guide of Florence

The year 2014 sees in Florence the birth of different important events and enteprises in the food industry.
Eataly has opened in one of the historical buildings close to the Duomo, the first floor of the food market (Mercato Centrale) has been completely restored and organized as a food center, with a bar, different food shops and restaurants, and a cooking school. One of the historical bookshops, Feltrinelli, opened RED (Read, eat dream).

Among these important new projects I would like to introduce to you OLIO - THE FLORENCE SCHOOL OF OLIVE OIL.
Olio is the first school in Italy which organizes classes on olive oil for amateur or professionals of the food industry.
At the moment in the world you attend a professional programm in order to become certified olive oil taster and transform your interest into a job, but there are no other options though, if you are a consumer and want to understand the different characteristics and defects of the olive oil you are buying for cooking or dressing you salad.

This is the gap Olio would like to fill by offering classes on olive oil.

During the class, people will be introduced to the concepts of "extra virgin, cold pressed and cultivars". They then pass to the practical part, which consists of tastings of Italian Extra Virigin Olive Oils, not only from Tuscany (even if we work with some of the best producers of the region) but also from other Italian regions, which produce excellent high quality oliveoils.
If the students want a full "Italian gastronomical experience" they can enter with me in the kitchen and learn some recipes, from traditional to innovative ones, from pizza and focaccia to gelato and pastry.

If you are travelling to Florence, this is a must you shouldn't miss! But if you check my webiste: www.florenceoliveoilschool.com. you can find other interesting services, like a Florence food tour solo or combined with a quick lunch or the possibility of booking our facilities for a private dinner with your friends, where you will be the executive chef!
I look forward to hearing from you, ciao e bye bye!

Silvia Maccari

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