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A cooking holidays venture with a cultural twist on Crete, Greece

Chantal Beuvink

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Tally and Christos lived and worked for years in the UK, yet when things got tougher in Greece they decided to swim against the tide and head back home. Cretan Thyme is a holiday option for those who want to get to know Crete, its people, and its rich history and traditions.

Hosted in a renovated Villa, in Lastros village, in Crete, the week-long culinary programme is designed love good food and wine, nature and good company! Traditional Cretan diet is one of the healthiest in the world and the reason why Mediterranean cuisine got its good name! Cretans eat plenty of fish and seafood, whole grains, and fruits, free-grazing meat and poultry, and only the finest extra virgin olive oil from their paternal olive groves. Wine making dates back to the Minoan times, and Cretan wines from rare local varieties are making an inroad in international markets and are certainly worth a try. Cretan lifestyle is still interwoven with nature. People still forage for wild mushrooms, greens and herbs and walking in the mountains and gorges is almost always a foodie experience too.

But Cretan Thyme’s programme is not only about food, it is a week-long cultural and educational event. They put together a network of local experts and people to offer an immersive experience in the Cretan Way. Visitors will learn about the benefits of Cretan edible plants from nutritionists, trace the roots of Cretan cuisine to its Minoan ancestry from archaeologists, go fishing with local fishermen, forage for wild greens with the locals and take part in the grape and olive harvest when the time is right.

“If anything can help Greek people right now is opening up to other cultures and build appreciation for their own way of life. We wanted to build a bridge to help this happen.” Tally says. Check out www.natural-greece.gr for more info.

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