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‘I engaged Charlotte after being recommended to her by another seasoned tour guide in Singapore. We had three sets of parents visiting Singapore over Christmas and New Year this year, and wanted to make sure they had an opportunity to truly understand the history and culture of Singapore -something I myself was eager to learn, and something you can only learn from a local, knowledgeable person. To put it simply, Charlotte was amazing. She knew her facts, but best of all, she knew lots of anecdotes and little stories that made these facts come to life, which is so crucial for tour guiding. We covered the Black & White houses, Little India, the Civil District and Chinatown in around 4 hours, finishing with a Chinese Tea Appreciation ceremony which was wonderful. I have already recommended Charlotte to two friends who have family and friends visiting, and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is looking for a friendly, pleasant, knowledgeable tour guide to uncover the 'real' Singapore. Too often people just go from Clarke Quay to Vivo City. Charlotte was able to show us that there is so much more to Singapore than just retail therapy.’

William Sargent Head of Marketing and Communications, Asia Bowring Marsh Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

During the last two years, we have used Ms. Chu services on various occasions as a tourist guide, for Armenian dignitaries and other tourists visiting the Armenian Church, the first Christian Church built in Singapore (built in 1835). On every occasion that we have used Ms Chu as a guide she was able to provide exceptional service. One occasion worthy of mentioning is the service Ms Chu provided during the 175th Anniversary celebrations of the Armenian Church in 2011. These celebrations, which lasted for a week, was attended by more than 150 overseas Armenians from 18 different countries and consisted of a very diversified group with different backgrounds and age groups ranging from 25 to 85. Ms. Chu, because of her ability to communicate at all levels, was able to keep all the participants interested in the tours that she had organized and was also able to make the whole experience very enjoyable for every participant. Only an exceptional and very experienced guide with initiative like Ms Chu would have been able handle a diversified group as this. At the end of the 175th anniversary celebrations of the Armenian Church, all overseas participants of the different tours, guided by Ms Chu, were very impressed with her immense knowledge of Armenian historical buildings, businesses, historical sights and the detailed knowledge that she displayed with regards to significant contribution of Armenians in the 1800’s in Singapore’s art, trade and economic development. In Summary, Ms Chu was a significant part of the successful completion of the 175th anniversary celebrations of the Armenian Church. Her ability to communicate at all levels is one of her strongest points. She is very knowledgeable and experienced professional who will take the initiative and go the extra mile to give exceptional service. As a Trustee of one of the National Monuments of Singapore, Ms. Chu makes me feel very proud of Singapore, in front of visiting dignitaries and other tourist.

Greg_Basmadjian, Trustee, Armenian Church Singapore

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