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Creative labels - The Winemaker & The Legend of the Arrogant Frog


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Arrogant Frog wineries and Wines
Some call us the Frogs and many say we are Arrogant...Who says the French do not have a sense of humor ?

Jean-Claude Mas created the Arrogant Frog series of wine to prove that exceptional quality and value were not mutually exclusive. He succeeded. Though typically French and proud to assert their Mediterranean origin, this estate-bottle wine leaps out of the glass with New World panache. Characterized by intense, fruit-driven aromas that lead to a suave, seductive, sophisticated palate, the quality of these wines is sealed with a dependable screw cap, designed to preserve freshness and youthful appeal.

Now the mascot of Domaines Paul Mas, the Arrogant Frog symbolizes Jean-Claude’s unwavering vision – to create great wine, paying attention to every detail from the vineyard to the bottle. The name is a tip-of-the-hat to the tongue-in-cheek nickname given to the French by the British. It is also a direct response to an “arrogant” assumption that wines from the Languedoc are of inferior quality.

Since its release in 2004, nearly 9 million bottles of Arrogant Frog have been sold in nearly 25 countries. It has also received awards and numerous Best Buy and Best Value accolades. Arrogant Frog Lily Pad Cabernet Merlot, Lily Pad Chardonnay, Lily Pad Pinot Noir and Croak Rotie Syrah-Viognier are now widely available in the United States.

Arrogant Frog wineries and Wines - Languedoc - France
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