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Missouri's oldest winery, still run continously by the founding family

Diane Montague

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Tucked in the valley near Frene Creek, farming and grape growing came together for the Bavarian immigrants who settled here in the verdant and familiar hills near Hermann, in eastern Missouri.

John Henry Puchta was both a wine grower and butcher in his native land. His brother John Adam spent some time and money in the California Gold Fields before returning to the family home to marry Clementine Reifenstahl-one of the 17 original setters in Hermann. In 1855 the Adam Puchta and Son Wine Company was established. For years the family alternately struggled and thrived as did most on the American Frontier.

The vineyards matured and the family enjoyed a reputation of producing fine varietals until 1919 when Prohibition shut the doors. The family continued to farm the land, passing it from generation to generation. In 1990, Timothy , born in 1956, re-opened the winery and once again is producing fine wines of world class stature with the ambiance of family tradition. To visit the winery is like going to grandma's farm in the country.

Gravel road winds through the woods and across the creek and there you are. I'm a dry red fan and Missouri's native Norton grape shines in it's many facets within Adam Pu
chta wines.

Diane Montague CTA

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