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Vacaza Life Style Magazine Ist ENGLISH edition

EXPECTED : December 2013

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Below an overview of subjects for the first edition of the Vacaza culinary and creative magazine

Italian enjoyment in Apulia (Southern Italy)

Jolande Burg and Erik Spaans live and work in Apulia in southern Italy. They produce (vegetarian) cookbooks with wine and from around the middle of this year will also give cooking courses at their refurbished villa, between the 'olivi millenari'. Both of them have already made 6 wine and spice books.


Live your dream! 

Real stories of people that followed their dreams



Design labels - Does good wine go together with a daring label design?

The nice thing about social networks is that the question automatically leads to nice answers and references.

Who knows what we're going to find the next two to three months.........


An overview of I-apps and Android apps related to wine and dining, wine stock keeping, calorie meters, recipe of the day, drink guide, cheese guide, etc.
Paper artist 
Ingrid Siliakus

The passion for paper first hit Ingrid when she discovered the art of paper architecture. This form of art, which she has practiced for about 14 years, finds its origin in Japan and is relatively unknown in the west, although in the last few decennia that has begun to change a bit.

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Regular column about cooking and ingredients 
Ernesto Keuken

Ernesto owns a cooking workshop in the center of Delft and is a frequent Vacaza guest writer.


The ultimate photography experiences
Ute Sonnenberg

Have you ever wanted to see the untouched nature of Africa with your own eyes?
Wanted to meet new cultures?


Open ateLIER route

At various locations, fifteen artisans from the same region show off their work. A landscape route where you can visit the ateliers of artists while biking.


Tasty nature
Michiel Bussink

Michiel Bussink is a regular article writer for the Vacaza magine


A creative and/or culinary arrangement somewhere in Europe

Nicolette and Rob Ingeneeger decided in maart 2010 to take the step and bought a run-down fermette. An inspiring story by two go-getters.


Nice luxury gadgets

Tips and fun gadgets


The face of the Spanish Kitchen
Adolfo Munez

A great chef, host of a daily cooking show, caterer to Spanish celebrities, winemaker and olive grower.


About wine tours on foot in Germany
Jeanet G. Bruining

Fascinating on a wine tour on foot is seeing how these wines taste during tastings.
A winer once said about this: “Every wine I offer you, demands your attention and curiosity. You should dare to open yourself up to each wine. Tasting is to look for the taste of each wine and simultaneously look for your own taste preference. That's not always very easy”.


Jef Willems - painter - Belgium
The new work of Jef Willems, the painter of dreams

It happens in a dream. In freefall you lose all grip and drift downwards at a dizzying speed. It creates an unbearable tension, but at the same time there is a sort of relief, an all-consuming curiosity that drives you to experience the fall into the depths intensely.



Xandra Lapperre - painter - Zoetermeer

Xandra finds herself an impulsive painter, an expressionist impressionist.

Mood and lighting are very important for her work as she does not only create with her subject, but also with her palette choice. This is also what she starts with, first decide the colours and then follow your pencil. Often times, she doesn't know what it'll become in advance. “It is created”. Painting is her big passion, a day without painting, is a day you haven't lived.


Marc Veltman - food professional

Marc started as a chef in the better restaurants: Krasnapolsky, d'Vijff Vlieghen and Vermeer (starred) where he developed the love for fresh and pure ingredients.

Passion for honest and pure food is in his heart, simplicity of taste and the art of leaving out unnecessary ingredients is, in his eyes, a must.

What is taste? 
Why do we find the waste of bacteria, yeast and fungi in "delicacies" so delicious?
We'll find out soon enough...........


A student tells ....

What is it like, a sculpting course with a group of "strangers"?

A sculpting course ......... is that all it's about or is a creative week more than just being creative with your hands?

We're looking for the student who will tell us ......

Krazart Gallery

Krazart Gallery represents & promotes artisans in a special way




Your own vineyard or olive tree?
Your dream is closer than you think ........

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