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MARROCCO : 10 Date Harvest and Desert Gourmet Holiday Far off the Tourist Trail

Edwina Golombek

Minimum  of  2 persons - EU2600 pp  travelling  by  4x4      
3 - 6  travelling  by  minibus  p.o.a

1 night Kasbah
3 nights ksar1 night camping upon the sands
1 night in an auberge upon the sands
1 night dar in the Draa Valley
3 nights House of Fusion Marrakech
Airport transfers
All meals, wine with dinner and bottled water

1 'Long Half Day' and 'Prepping  the  Tanjia class House of Fusion
1 class with Hanina Hafidi 'Cooking in a Ksar'
1 class in the desert 'Cooking up a Desert Storm'

Day 1

Arrival Day Arrive Marrakech. Airport transfer. Welcome Feast and wines

Day 2

'Long Half Day' Cooking Class including  prepping the tanjia for dinner. Lunch  around 1.30pm  before going to the spice traders'.   Tanjia dinner &  wines in the riad

Day 3


Depart  the  riad for the night in a Kasbah in the Valley of the  Roses. Late kasbah lunch terrace top and  a  gorgeous afternoon walk through the Kasbahs and fields below. Dinner, B&B in the Kasbah

Day 4

8.30am depart the Kasbah for lunch  prepared by Hanina Hafidi, in our ksar, in the  middle of the date harvest! After lunch a walk  through the ksour. Dinner & wines, turret top, by  Hanina Hafidi. Your C6 castle will be home for 3  nights.

Day 5

8.30am breakfast then it's off to walk the  palms of the Ziz, to be part of the date harvest.  We will take a picnic lunch to have amongst  the  palms. Dinner by Hanina Hafid  & wines. The  night, in the  ksar.

Day 6

8.30am breakfast then it's 'Cooking in a  Ksour with Hanina Hafidi'. This is a traditional  over coals with some over gas, class and will  certainly swing around the basket of dates you  harvested  yesterday. Dinner party and wines in  the ksar.

Day 7
8am breakfast and at 9am, off to the desert.  Madfouna  lunch  ordered  from  the butcher  in Risani   ro  have  as  a  pinic  along the  way.  Arrive  at  the  auberge upon the sands, 12kms off the road,  in time for a swim. Dinner,B&B  auberge. 

Day 8
8am breakfast and 9am off to 'Cook up a Desert Storm'. Mid afternoon it's on your camel for a 90 minute ride to your private camp beneath a huge dune  waiting for your sunrise climb! Dinner and the  night at camp.

Day 9
Wake to a pre-sunup dune climb, after which, you will mount your camel and head back to the  auberge upon the sands, for breakfast and a  shower. 11am we hit the road for Agdz and the Draa Valley where you will have dinner and spend the night in a charming dar.

Day  10

8am breakfast.  9am depart for the Babel village and lunch at the home of the Caid. A swell place to buy a carpet or nine from the ladies who knot, in this remotest of villages. 4pm depart for  Marrakech,  dinner  along  the  way  and  the  night  at  the  House  of Fusion  Marrakech.

Day 11
Breakfast and your transfer to the airport.

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