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About Yekaterinburg

Eugenia Erofeeva

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We can arrange lots of different excursions for you - Russian Banya, Back to USSR, Russian Village, Night life in Russia, Theatres and Cultural life of Ekaterinburg and many many others!

Yekaterinburg (from 1924 to 1991 - Sverdlovsk) - the administrative center of Sverdlovsk region, the fourth largest population (after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk) city in Russia. Transport and logistics hub on the Trans-Siberian railway, a major industrial center (the optical industry, instrumentation and heavy machinery, metallurgy, printing, textile and food industries, the military-industrial complex).

Yekaterinburg - the administrative, cultural, scientific and educational center of the Ural region, the city is also called "the capital of the Urals."

In the spring of 1723 by decree of Peter I on the banks of the river Iset started the construction of Russia's largest iron works. Factory-fortress was named Yekaterinburg - in honor of Empress Catherine I, wife of Peter I. Ekaterinburg was built as the capital of the mining region, stretching in two continents - Europe and Asia.

You'll be empressed by our city! Welcome to Ekaterinburg and Russia!!!

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