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Russian Banya

Eugenia Erofeeva

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"You should experience it!" Any Russian would tell you this phrase. It’s said about Russian banya (Russian sauna or bath) and traditional Russian meal. If you want to taste Russian food and experience true Russian banya, this tour is for you. You will travel to a family club Sani, which is located in a Russian village not far from Ekaterinburg, Russia.

It’s a kind of "impossible mission" to describe Russian banya (Bathhouse). Just try it! Banya is a house designed for washing body and soul relaxation. After staying in a very hot damp steam room you will get massage done by somebody experienced in the matter. The message is done with the ‘venik’ the wisps of dry but soaked birch twigs with leaves. It looks like a harsh beating but feels like an unusual aromatic massage. You can choose different types of veniks. Thus, lime tree venik will produce antiseptic effect, oaken venik will make your skin soft and reduce high blood pressure.

Besides you can have balmy bathes by adding aromas to steam or water. To make washing more comfortable and pleasant you will get towels, slippers, cosmetic means (shampoo, shower gel, soap). After washing in Russian banya you can treat your body with massage, pilling or lie in a milk, salt or herbal bath. To get services in a complex you can order spa packages. Your skin will be soft, your body will be light, and all troubles will go away.

Russian Restaurant
After having rest you may feel like eating. Russians are known for their hospitality. Tables grown with food, making your mouth water. You can taste traditional

Russian salads with cabbage and mushrooms, fried meat and salt salmon, Russian soups like fish soup uha and summer soup okroshka. Of course you will taste Russian pancakes with butter, meat or caviar. Wash it down with cold Russian kvas, berry mors or hot green tea. Have a rest in Russian tradition!


13:00 - meeting at your hotel, departure
13:30 – arrival at banya
13:30 -14:30 russian bathing
17:00 – 18:00 meal in the restaurant
18:00 – ride back through village to the city
18:30 – arrival at your hotel

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