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Iranian Culinary Tours

Fatemeh Fereidooni

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A tourist may come to Iran but not to go to visit Persepolis; however, it is impossible for a tourist to come to Iran but not to eat Iranian Abgoosht or Chelow kabab or traditional ice-cream of Iran. Iranian cooking the same as Iranian agriculture, music and literature is also an inseparable part of Iranian culture, which its current form has shaped over the time and as a result of dealing people with each other, migrations and other social, environmental, religious, geographical factors and so on.

As Mr. Mohammad Zahraie has rightly mentioned it in the preface of the book, “Iranian Cooking”, Iranian cooking like Chinese cooking has not been restricted to its territory and it is like a maternal school that the two main branches of the modern world’s cooking -Indian cooking form one side and Arabic-Turkish cooking from other side- have grown from its trunk.

As the most tours of Avid Travel and Tourism Service Company, culinary tour of Iran is unique in itself. Avid Agency has planned one, three, seven and twenty days tours for those who would like to know more about Iranian cooking.one day, three days and seven days tours will be conducted in Tehran together with a professional cook; however the twenty days culinary tour of Iran involves all the geographical, cultural, social, ethnic and religious coordinates related to Iranian cooking and it will present you a world beyond the imagination- not only cooking but also all that you have imagined.

This tour will take you to the heart of Iranian culture and will provide you observing the pictures which you won’t find them in any other place or tour. This tour will be conducted with the presence of a sociologist. Visiting seven main centers of Iranian foods with different cultures, different ethnics, different environment, etc. and visiting the most remote villages alongside visiting 3000-year old tandoors to visiting the most famous and modern restaurants of Iran will leave a lasting memory in your mind, which will be with you forever. Fall is the best time for conducting a 20-day tour.

For more information on the schedule of the culinary tours please contact Avid Travel Agency: www.avid-tour.com .


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