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IRAN: Saffron & Barberry Tour - 8 Nights- 9 Days

Fatemeh Fereidooni

Iran is the first and largest producer and exporter of saffron and barberry in the world.Souththern Khorasan  and its Ghaenat district  produce about 90% of Iran's saffron and barberries. We shall spend 2 days here and learn about every thing to do with saffron and barbrries, from planting, to harvesting, to production and packaging.

Ghaenat  is  a  unique  area  of  Iran  and  its  attractions  are  not  limited  to saffron  and barberries.  It  has  an  ancient  history,  desert  architecture  and  functioning  ancient irrigations systems. Its proximity to Afghanistan and India give it a unique geographical location.The Shokatol  Molk  family  of  Gaenat  were  once the  most  powerful  family  in  Khorasan and  were  responsible  for  building  some  of  the  great  monuments  of  the  region, which you will be visiting.

The best time for this tour is from 27 Oct. to 21 Nov.


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