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What does all-inclusive really mean?

How Do You Choose?

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All-inclusive can mean many different things to many different cooking tours in Italy. Tuscany is beautiful but can be hard to navigate. The all-inclusive option offers you the ability to know what you are paying for in advance.

I invite you to look closely at itineraries from other tours. Watch out for "You will have time to explore", "Time to yourself", and "You are free this morning"...That means not included and most definitely not free!

Our culinary tours are truly all-inclusive. All cooking lessons, all meals, all excursions, all entrance fees, and all your transportation while you are with us.

Every day is planned at Cook In Tuscany for your enjoyment. Hands on cooking classes taught by masters of their trade (Nonnas). These local women will teach you their family secrets and how to use their special ingredients.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and of course wine (wine glasses that never empty) are included every day! Many others leave a couple of meals out of their all-inclusive tour, but we want you to feel like a visiting friend. We want to share meals and good conversation with many laughs.

Excursions, tours, tastings are all included. So, if our schedule calls for a snack or gelato, it's included. You may never need to pull out your wallet—except for a souvenir or two, or three…

Your accommodations are first class inside the 13th century walled village of Montefolloncio, where the villagers are your neighbors. The experience of living in the village is nothing short of amazing. You will be a local exchanging greetings and not a tourist watching from afar.

We love what we do and want to share it with you. We don’t want you to worry about a thing while at Cook In Tuscany. We invite you to look at our website schedule at: www.cookintuscany.com/schedule There is a sample schedule for your review. We know you will see our pricing is in line with most others, but the value is much greater and experience much larger with no worries.

So be careful of the all-inclusive afternoon “free time” others offer you…it’s not free!

Join us at Cook In Tuscany where you arrive as a friend and leave as family!

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