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The Vine-dressers of Mount Conero have banded together and said: “Yes, We Conero”

Luigi Silvestri

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Contact the writer >>> View all articles >>>

Mount Conero is a promontory situated just south of Ancona, in the Marches region, and it juts out from the coast, with a sheer drop to the Adriatic Sea below. The surrounding landscape charms and enchants the viewer, crystal clear waters lap the shore and the Mediterranean flora lushly displays its ornamental shrubs like privets, Spanish broom, lavender and Arbutus; it is an area that is a magnet for summer tourism.

Ever since ancient times, grapevines have been successfully cultivated here, with the dominant one being the Montepulciano grape, from which the Rosso Conero wine is made. This remarkable red  has, as of 2004, earned the D.o.c.g. denomination of which it is rightly proud. It is thanks to the gentle sea breezes blowing over the vineyards daily that this wine has such deeply characteristic features; it is absolutely one-of-a-kind and so very unique because of the soil type and the special climactic conditions. Tourists and curious travellers alike can follow the wine route known as Strada del Rosso Conero, taking them to the various Wineries which produce Rosso Conero wine. The Producers are happy to greet visitors and let them sample this splendid red wine with its intense and winey bouquet, remarkable body, becoming soft and velvety if left to age for several years.

The “Vine-dressers of Mount Conero” Association

In 2009 thirteen Wine-growers banded together and founded this Association, using  “Yes, We Conero”  as their slogan. The basic principles and goals are: to maintain the high quality and typical features of the product, to enhance the connection to its terroir, to cultivate their own vineyards by personally overseeing each phase of the production process, to bottle their product in their own wineries without ever buying grapes or wine from third parties, and finally, to strive for the use of fewer pesticides and chemical substances that are harmful to both the consumer and the environment. Ever since its foundation, the Association members all support common objectives, create synergies amongst themselves, joining together to promote projects which bring together the beauty of a marvelous territory and the value of its wine.

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