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Chocolate, oh what a passion - Paolo Mencarelli

Luigi Silvestri

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Paolo Mencarelli is a young craftsman who, for years, has dedicated himself exclusively to processing select quality cocoa, using three different, ‘fine-grade’, high quality varieties: Criollo (from Mexico), Forastero (from Ecuador) and Trinitario (from Madagascar).

Of each variety he is able to discern the subtleties of taste and aroma, of elegance and delicacy of flavor, the bitter or fruited notes, the hint of wood or tobacco. In the various processing phases, the master artisan is able to skillfully bring out the qualities of each variety, never mixing them, so they never lose their identities.

Thus, differentiated products are created: dark chocolate made from each of the different varieties, dark chocolate with hot chili pepper, milk chocolate, milk and yoghurt, milk chocolate with exotic salt crystals, coffee-flavored chocolate, chocolate with different combinations of fruit and nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, candied orange peel, candied ginger, dried figs), dark chocolate with liqueur fillings typical of the region (grappa from Verdicchio or Lacrima, anisette, wild cherry wine).

Passion is what motivates Paolo to stick to the traditional tastes and methods used in chocolate production on the one hand, and on the other hand, to branch out and seek new and surprising combinations and taste sensations. His products, wrapped and packaged with extreme care, offer the lucky customer a chance to taste, experiment and discover unique tastes to thrill the palate. It is a sensorial experience that soon becomes a lifelong passion for all the chocolate enthusiasts of this world.

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