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The "New" Marchigiani

Luigi Silvestri

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Contact the writer >>> View all articles >>>

In the last decade they've arrived from England, Holland and Germany and they've settled in the Marche; they have come to be part of our world. They bring new ideas and, as there are more opportunities to get to know one another, new friendships are forged. Here is their story.

Thomas and Kirsten (Germany)

“We came to the Marche in 1997, looking for the right place to bring to fruition our idea of setting up our own winery in Italy. Some friends of ours had spoken to us about this region: ‘go and see it, you'll love it', they said. And so it was, we liked it here from the very start. Why do we feel so at ease? Obviously, the landscape is marvellous as there are mountains, hills and coast. Seaside resort life, agriculture, tranquillity… everyone can find what they are looking for here. There are small towns and ancient villages everywhere that are full of atmosphere and history; it is rare to find touristy kitsch. The cultural activities are infinite, on a small scale, perhaps, but quality offerings and people take part in their planning and creation. Maybe the secret lies in the human factor. It is visible everywhere: the towns are small, the businesses local and family-run, agriculture was and remains limited in size. What strikes us is the very strong tie that binds the people feel to their land. They enjoy the beauty and quality of life in the Marche and don't dream of finding a paradise elsewhere. Perhaps this is why you come across people who are open and friendly and who, not infrequently, surprise you with their poetic and philosophical streak”. www.serrasanmartino.de

Pieter and Susanne (Holland - Germany)

“To leave one's country is quite a challenge. Many Italians did so in the Sixties to find work in order to support their families at home. We, however, did have work in our country, interesting jobs in multinational companies. We came to Italy because we like all the things the native Marchigiani are so proud of, all things they call ‘nostrano', home-grown, from the food to the countryside, from the culture and climate and, last not least, the people, la gente. And the greatest gift for the two of us is to work and live together, day in and day out, and to be able to pass on our admiration for Le Marche to the many international tourists we welcome here at Borgo Belfiore. It has been four years now that we are in Montefortino, where we keep on learning and curiously experiencing cultural differences in daily life. We became acquainted with a lot of friendly local people, all willing to help and make our venture a success. Come and see for yourself that the challenge was more than worthwhile –we stay put!” www.belfiore-italia.com

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