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Fine Food Products of Le Marche, Italy

Luigi Silvestri

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Fine Food Products of Le Marche, Italy
by Luigi Silvestri

The Salame di Fabriano

The famous Salame di Fabriano is a product so special that it not only has a history dating back to the 1800s, but today it is a Slow Food "Presidium" product. And what's more, a Consortium of Producers has been founded to safeguard production and ensure that the rules and regulations that govern it are strictly observed.

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Vittorio Beltrami and the wonderful tale of pit-aged cheese

Vittorio is a well-known character in his parts. He lives in the town of Cartoceto, where his business is located and where his production activities are based; we speak in the plural because these include the production of olive oil, different types of cheese and preserves. Naturally, the whole family is involved in these activities.

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Monterosso Spelt, an ancient grain returns to our tables

Spelt originated in Mesopotamia and its roots run deep in the history of Man, as it was cultivated for centuries in Ancient Rome, before the advent of its close relative, wheat. Spelt could be crushed and ground into flour to make flatbread, but it was also added to soups.

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Ciauscolo salami from Muccia

Within the territory of Macerata Province, in those areas closest to the Apennine mountains, there began the tradition long ago of making a particularly pleasant-tasting salami called “ciauscolo”. In times past, it was called “ciabusculum” and so, clearly, its origins date as far back as the Roman Empire.

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The “Maccheroncini di Campofilone”

Campofilone is a small town, one of the many throughout the region that dot the landscape, perched on a hill, not too far from the sea. Yet, Campofilone is well-known in all of the best restaurants of the world, known for its pasta, for its “maccheroncini”.


Chocolate, oh what a passion

Paolo Mencarelli is a young craftsman who, for years, has dedicated himself exclusively to processing select quality cocoa, using three different, ‘fine-grade’, high quality varieties


Zè Migliori - Stuffed Olives Ascoli-style

When it is preserved in salt brine it is already a marvelous treat, but when prepared the Ascoli way, it is nothing short of divine. This recipe, it would seem, dates back to the post-Renaissance era or sometime in the 1700s and is truly unique.


Acqualagna - Magical land of the truffle

The prized black winter truffle and the black summer truffle, the 'little white' spring truffle and especially, the white fall truffle, give this little inland Marche town its unique distinguishing feature: it is THE place for truffles.


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