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Tales of the Marche - Wine stories

Luigi Silvestri

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The exclusive wines of Le Marche, Italy
by Luigi Silvestri

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"Yes, We Conero"

In 2009 thirteen Wine-growers banded together and founded this Association, using  “Yes, We Conero”  as their slogan. The basic principles and goals are: to maintain the high quality and typical features of the product, to enhance the connection to its terroir, to cultivate their own vineyards by personally overseeing each phase of the production process, to bottle their product in their own wineries without ever buying grapes or wine from third parties, and finally, to strive for the use of fewer pesticides and chemical substances that are harmful to both the consumer and the environment.

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Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi - Verdicchio Wine

By now, everyone is aware of the fact that the Verdicchio is one of Italy's premium white wines. Over the last few decades, winegrowers in the region have invested significantly, both in their vineyards and in their wineries, thanks to a new generation of local enologists who have provided training and helped them to achieve success at the highest levels of excellence.

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Robert Mondavi - His Marche origins

Robert Mondavi’s family roots were in our land.

Born in 1913 in Minnesota (USA), he was the son of Italian immigrants from our region, from the town of Sassoferrato, to be precise, and although he lived his life in the United States, he maintained ties to this part of the country. Robert’s father, Cesare, had left the Marche in 1905 and moved to California where, for decades, he worked to improve his family’s financial situation.

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