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Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi - Verdicchio Wine

Luigi Silvestri

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By now, everyone is aware of the fact that the Verdicchio is one of Italy's premium white wines. Over the last few decades, winegrowers in the region have invested significantly, both in their vineyards and in their wineries, thanks to a new generation of local enologists who have provided training and helped them to achieve success at the highest levels of excellence.

The results speak for themselves as Verdicchio wines, today, can boast a ranking at the uppermost levels in all gatherings, tastings and competitions, both nationally and internationally. The Verdicchio is an indigenous vine (the name Verdicchio had already appeared in documents dated 1579) which has been predominant in the Marche region, having developed on the hills that run from the Esino River Valley to encompass the whole area around the town of Jesi, a terrain that is gently bathed in the sea breezes coming off the Adriatic Sea. The vine also thrived in the area around the town of Matelica where the more continental climate presents different characteristics, being nearer to the mountains and lacking the maritime influence.

Within the region, a few large wineries that have made a name for themselves internationally as well as domestically, and some small ones, too, have distinguished themselves for the superior quality of their wine production. It often happens that an expert wine taster or simply a wine enthusiast passes through the region, marvelling at having “discovered” one or another producer, this or that bottle and describing the wine in terms of the intensity of flavor, the surprising structure, the balance between the acid notes and the alcohol content, the long and persistent final note. At one time, the Verdicchio was a vintage white wine, to be drunk young. This is no longer the case. All of the present day winegrowers, aware that the future will bring a greater selectivity and that only those who can satisfy new tastes and meet new challenges wisely and courageously will be rewarded.

In fact, these producers are presenting us with great labels, capable of ageing well, without sacrificing any of their freshness and fragrance, as is befitting a product of class. Another aspect to be pointed out is the favourable quality/price ratio of this wine, something which certainly is a plus for the careful consumer and for anyone who knows how to move on international markets.

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