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About Jump Into My Kitchen and its beautiful location

Lynn Hoffmann

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Jump Into My Kitchen is named as such because I believe cooking shouldbe fun and a great experience.

I started cooking as a young girl, watching my Hungarian mother prepare delicious old-fashioned Hungarian recipes that came from her mother's big "bible". The smells from the kitchen were divine! Living in Portugal, we also had a cook who would assist my mother, though at that time in Portugal in the early 1960's many ingredients could not be obtained. Therefore my mother would make her own curded cheeses, sour cream, buttermilk etc. and grow herbs, spices and a variety of vegetables.

Much later we moved back to Canada and I decided to live on my own - at the young age of 16! I started recreating some of my mother's recipes (from memory) and then decided to start creating some of my own. Success ! They were rather good. So that is when I started writing them down with the hopes of one day publishing my very own cookbook. By the age of 25 I had most of my index written...with more than 250 recipes, except that then I had to actually write each recipe...a major task which I never finished as life got in the way. Marriage, children, divorce, travels etc.

Three years ago, after finally leaving the business world (finance to be specific), I decided it was time to start a culinary blog. All the while I never stopped cooking and creating new recipes, so I thought this would be a nice fresh "start". My goal was to create a new recipe each day , or reinvent some of my older ones and post them daily on my blog. My blog now has over 300 creative recipes...and I continue to produce more !

Please feel free to take a look and have fun browsing through the recipes


In the spring of 2012, my husband and I bought a house in a location called "Ste-Anne-des-Lacs", which is north of Montreal on the way to the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. Some local people call it "the gateway to the north" because it is the first set of mountains (or rather hills) before one arrives in the Laurentians. It is a quiet area, surround by many lakes (hence the name) and lots of hills and valleys.

We fell in love with our house and of course the area, because of it's quietness and serenity. The first time we walked into the house I knew exactly how to renovate the kitchen so that it would flow with the open-spaced dining and living room - and I knew right away that I wanted to open up our house to guests who could enjoy our home and garden. So we embarked on the never-ending task of renovating. Finally the renovations were finished in September 2012, much to our pleasure.

Our home offers a warm and welcoming environment in Spring when the blooms are just starting and the lake is starting to melt; in Summer dinner by candlelight on either the upstairs terrace or the bottom one, or even in the garden; in the Fall when the leaves are changing or Winter indoors with a roaring fireplace.

We are open for dinner, lunch or even brunch most days of the year. (Maximum number of guests: 8)

To make a reservation and read our policy, please visit our site


It would be our pleasure to receive you !

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