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Title / quote: “The Perfect Two Days!!”


We took a cruise in October from Venice and decided to stay an extra two days in the Veneto region to visit Verona and Vicenza on one day and Padua on the second day! A co-worker recommended Venice Day Trips to my family and I and a friend who was traveling with us. We had a party of 5. I contacted Rachel and asked her for some suggestions as my parents are older and we were not sure whether it was best to do escorted tours or go independently with a driver. Rachel had a wealth of suggestions for doing both for both the city of Venice as well as the Veneto region. After discussions with my family, we decided to go independently with a driver. Rachel and Mario made all the arrangements for us to be picked up at the hotel in the morning and dropped off at the end of the day. She sent many wonderful ideas for shopping, sightseeing and dining for each day. The drivers for each day were prompt, very courteous and allowed us the flexibility to do as we pleased. For the day trip to Verona and Vicenza, we stayed within the times that Rachel suggested in each city and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a restaurant that she suggested in Soave between the two cities! It was a very enjoyable day! For our second day in Padua, she suggested visiting the open air market in the morning and provided additional suggestions for the afternoon. Again it was a perfect day! We enjoyed everything we saw and the flexibility that the drivers provided us! It worked well for my family and friend. I would highly recommend Venice Day Trips to anyone who wants to explore Venice and the Veneto region of Italy. It was a perfect two days!!
Paul B., California (Tripadvisor reference)

Rating: 5 stars

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