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Nomadic Yurt camp in At-Bashy jailoo

Nomadic Yurt camp in At-Bashy jailoo

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Hello Everyone, welcome to Kyrgyzstan, land of nomads! My family welcomes you to our summer jailoo in At-Bashy mountains where we have set up a yurt camp to care for our livestock. It is a Kyrgyz custom that we treat our guests with utmost care and respect, so i invite you not as tourists, but as our honorable guests to visit our nomadic yurt farm to experience something new and different. Snowcapped glaciers tower over the valley where our yurts are set up. The air is fresh, and early in the morning the the crisp air is filled with the aroma of the pine trees, the fresh meadow and the morning dew. The glacier fed spring that runs nearby adds a soothing feeling by its noise. The breathtaking scenery is overwhelming and it feels like you are sitting on top of the world, many centuries back in time!

Activities :

Trek up the hill to the base of the glacier. Landscape is beautiful with rolling hills, lush green meadows, fir and pine forests canvassing the hilltops. On a medium pace, about two hour walk to the base of the glacier.

Horseback ride around the yurt farm. Walk up the mountain top and get a panoramic view of the whole area. You can even be the shepherd and walk the sheep flock!

Learn Nomadic ways of cooking meals, making dairy products, making of kymyz (a fermented mare's milk, a traditional kyrgyz drink).

building of a yurt. nomadic dwelling at my family's yurt camp

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