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Packing It

Tours by Jill

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So I like to make 'to do' lists. I often find I have time to prepare and organize more so than the actual time to do something.

I am taking a short break at my desk to make notes on what to pack for my weekend trip when I get home tonight. It's really gotten too easy since it's often the same stuff that always goes on trips, but it's mostly to make sure I have the right number of pants, don't forget the camera and train snacks, etc. I actually love to pack!

I used to start days (or even weeks!) ahead, but now I can do it in a very short amount of time- just grab and go. With the kid, I end up writing down 'nightligh't, etc. When he was less than 3 years old, I remember literally taking the world- sippy cups, blankets, every favorite item, etc., and now he barely uses any toys we bring anyway.

We just purchased new luggage, as our American Tourister Big Wheels finally broke... and of course, are not made anymore. Apparently no one else wanted the Big Wheels! We now have Briggs and Riley (http://www.briggs-riley.com/)... they are fabulous so far :)

What I call my suitcase is really a carryon... that means I will always be able to carry it myself. I can go just about anywhere and not need a bigger bag.

When I see the honkin' huge bags other people have, I just gotta wonder. Then, I see the insides... first of all, I pack everything tightly in- use all that space! If it's going to wrinkle, then it's going to wrinkle- fix it when you arrive easily enough. Then I see people pack full size shampoos, hardback books. Ok, I guess that's just not my way at all.

I know one strategy of packing is to take everything you have picked out then leave out 1/3 to 1/2 of it... well, that would leave me half as many pants as I need! I don't pack extra outfits just to have fashion options, but I do have a few choices of layers during times of questionable weather. So yeah, something always goes unworn, but one item can get by.

Other than clothes, I have one small bathroom bag, a book or two, camera... and really don't need much else.

With the Monkey child, I do take extra clothes- hey, they are small! Also baby wipes, lots of snacks, and a small selection of toys/books. Even he has gotten pretty streamlined.

Pack it up, pack it done, done and done. Easy peasy :)

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