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Africa Safari Planning -Travelhost Africa Safaris

Travelhost Africa Safaris

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Who hasn’t dreamed of going on a wildlife–viewing safari to Sub-Sahara Africa? Inspired by the wish to observe exotic animals in their natural environment…………. The promise of grand adventure…….

And the opportunity to experience traditional African culture…………each of us has a unique vision for our African “trip of a life time”.

But where to start from? The continent is vast and the terrain breathtakingly varied, with thousands of fascinating wildlife species. Every African country is unique in the quality of its parks and reserves, roads and other infrastructure, visitor accommodations and receptivity to tourists. Creating an itinerary and arranging travel logistics can intimidate even the most enthusiastic tourist.

We strongly recommend booking your African Safari at least a year in advance; 18 months is preferable, and we even have clients who book a full two years in advance to secure the camps and dates that they desire. We know that committing this far into the future can be challenging, but it is the only way to avoid disappointment and ensure that you get exactly what you want. Nevertheless on short notices like 6 -1 month companies can make arrangements to fit your time schedule.

First-time visitors tend to have certain expectations about the wildlife they want to see and the people they will encounter. Most people want to see Africa’s “Big Five” group of animals- Buffaloes, Elephants, Leopards, Lions, and Rhinos. Determining such interests and the kind of personal experience you desire will help you shape an itinerary and will make overall planning of your safaris a more manageable process.

The reason for booking far ahead is this, if you are looking to go to top areas companies have to make early bookings for high profile accommodations camps, Gorilla Permits, as well the weather as a factor that we can make proper arrangements to meet your safari expectations.

What is your budget? This is perhaps the most important question. An African safari can cost as little as $100 per day for a participation camping overland safari to well over $500 a day. Some companies specialize in budget safaris for the young “back-packer” wanting to “rough it” on an overland safari, while others cater to the more affluent seasoned traveler who wants to experience Africa in style and comfort. Here are some things to consider when choosing a safari that matches your budget and desired comfort level. http://www.travelhostafricasafaris.com/index.php/safari-budgeting

Enjoying discovering what the African contintinet has to offer for its most magical wildlife safari.


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