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Vacaza Magazine 01 - index subjects

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Vacaza Culinary & Creative Magazine

Edition 1, September/October 2012


Patrick Van Craenenbroeck - Belgium - Time travelers

Ceramic and bronze sculptures Ceramic and Bronze Travellers of Time.

Louis Nagelkerke - Painter - The Netherlands

Interview with Louis and his wife Myra

Whatever his true nature might be, Louis Nagelkerke is a master among other masters. His paintings are visible expressions of the Universal Mystical Light, perhaps reflections of the Divine and Eternal Light that we all ARE... as human beings... Mag. Dr. Friedrich Demolsky



Design labels - Great wines with great designed labels?

The beauty of social networks is the ability to find exiting design labels of wines with (upcoming) reputation

Allow us to surprise you ................

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An overview of I-apps and android apps related to wines and diners, stock management, calory meters, receipes, alcohol intake meter, cheese apps, etc..

Glass artisan
Hanneke Bots

Hanneke Bots (1956), glass artist in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, specialized in glass art since 1995.

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Column regarding ingredients and cooking 

Column with suprising easy receipes by a well know master chef.


The ultimate photography experiences
Ute Sonnenberg

Always wanted to watch the undisturbed nature of Africa with your own eyes?
Wanted to meet new cultures?


Open studio route - art route agenda

Art routes are a typical Dutch / Belgium phenomenon. Artists combine forces and and hold an art or open studio route for one or several days. Art and artist are in this way suddenly accessible in an unforced mood. And if you're lucky the route goes through beautiful pieces of nature or old city centers............


Adventure in Le Marche - part 2

"During our holidays in other countries we found out we were missing something in our lives. But what? We both had fun work; Anne as indoor architecht and me (Cees) as horeca employee."


Tasty nature
Michiel Bussink

Michiel Bussink is a frequent article writer for the Vacaza magazine


A creative and/or culinary arrangement somewhere in Europe

Be inspired by a pioneer. After reading this article it might be possible that you IMMEDIATELY book a course:-)!


Nice luxury gadgets

Tips and fun gadgets


Interview with "artisan" wine or cheese maker

A look in the kitchen of a wine, cheese or olive oil artist........


Live your dream!?
Annelies and Eugene - Art of Joy

A true story

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The life of a private celebrity chef

Interview with Alan Coxon, the UK's leading food archaeologist and celebrity chef.



The Skill of making chocolate

Interview with........


Marc Veltman - food professional

Marc started as chef in the better restaurants: Krasnapolsky, d'Vijff Vlieghen and Vermeer (star store) where he developed the love for pure and fresh ingredients.

Passion for honest and pure food is in his heart, simplicity of taste and the art of leaving out unnecessary ingredients (taste noise) are a necessity in his eyes.

What is taste? 
Why do we think the excrement of bacterias, ferment and fungi in "delicacies" tastes so good?
We'll find out soon...........


A students experience ....

What is it like to join a course with complete strangers?

We are looking for a student who is happy to share the experience.



Your own vineyard or olive tree?

Your dream is closer than you think ........

Bekijk overzicht >>>



Linda Colsh - Fiber artist

An American residing since 1990 in Everberg, Belgium, Linda Colsh has lived in America, Asia and Europe.

A lifelong artist with two degrees in Art History, she exhibits in the US and internationally. Her work is published and in collections worldwide. After serving as the first European Representative, Linda currently serves on the Board of Directors of Studio Art Quilt Associates.

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