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Goldenhands - Conservation and restauration of wooden artifacts

Yuri Karpov

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After years of working in different countries and being involved in various important projects in the field of conservation, as well as in designing andcreating top quality heirlooms and special furniture, Golden Hands has developed a number of different trends of activities.

Our work can be found in museums as well as in private collections inMoscow, Russia; in the Scottish Parliament and some private collections inEdinburgh, Scotland; in London, United Kingdom, and in private collections inBelgium, The USA and Japan.

We specialise in Conservation as well as in the Creation of new precious and important interior items which will become antiques and form part of the heritage of the future.

Both the Conservation of antique furniture and the Creation of new interior items are very complex and specialised fields. The successful combination of both procedures takes more than just skills and apositive attitude.

It requires great talent, deep understanding of the nature of the materials involved in the project, patience of an oyster and an open mind to see thesolution to the trickiest and most complicated situations that can happen any time.

The range of work that can be undertaken is extremely wide and the variety of possibilities that Golden Hands is capable to produce is unimaginable.

We take into consideration all the possible options in order to bring the piece back to its original state with the minimum intervention.

Microscopic examination takes place if necessary and the research continues until the solution is found and the correct approach has been decided upon and then applied.

A full photographic report can be made before and after the treatment.

In order to take good care of an item after the treatment has been applied,regular visits can be arranged to supervise the environment and climate in the surroundings where the item is placed.

Golden Hands
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