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Improve your vision


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Improve your eyesight, improve your health

Terra Maris travel agency and Eye Clinic Lacrima established mutual cooperation to ensure the best service for our clients.

Lacrima clinic is specialized ophthalmology clinic. Ophthalmology specialists are members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and many European associations for the treatment of cataracts. They constantly improve their knowledge through active participation in national and international professional conferences.

Arrangement of the eye clinic Lacrima is adapted to the needs of clinics, patients and the environment. It is equipped to the highest standards with the latest devices for ophthalmic treatment and diagnosis.

Services :

- Initial Consultation - this includes a rigorous eye examination by ophthalmologist and consultant surgeon . This is the perfect opportunity for you to talk over your requirements with your Consultant Surgeon who will be able to advise on the best course of action.

Follow up consultation Consultations include sight test, slit lamp exam with pressure and corneal keratometry , with refraction and a full treatment plan and report.

- O.C.T diagnostics (Optical Coherence Topography) – including full retinal nerve analysis ( and optical disc imaging)

- Diagnostic test : Performed by a fully Accredited Consultant Ophthalmologist.

Cataract surgery

The only way to see clearly after cataracts develop is to have them removed and replaced by an intraocular lens implant to restore vision. It is a safe and commonly performed medical procedure.

- Set an appointment before your arrival

- Eye examination

- Advice –about surgery performance by your ophthalmologist

- Surgery

Recommended stay for this procedure – minimum 2 days, after surgery control is highly recommended

Recommended stay to ensure everything - 7 days

Diagnostic and glaucoma treatment

- Set an appointment before your arrival

- Eye examination and advice, setting an appointment for surgery

- Surgery

- Postop. care

Recommended stay 2-7 days - highly recommended

Treatment for macula disease – Lucentis, Ozurdex

- Set an appointment before your arrival

- Eye examination , advice and setting an appointment for your surgery

- Surgery

Recommended stay for this procedure – minimum 3 days – Highly reccommended 7 days, for eye control purposes .

Cosmetic treatments – Oculoplastic surgery

Procedures for conditions of the inner and outer eye for conditions such as - hooded eyelids and bags, watering eyes , blemish and cyist removal .

- Set an appointment before your arrival

- Eyelid surgery We are able to offer surgery to reduce the amount of excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids (blephroplasty) to give a more youthful appearance

- Botox applications non surgical treatments

- Juvederm – fillers non surgical treatment

Recommended stay 2 days

Procedure costs- the cost very much depends on the type of treatment you are having as each treatment is individually tailored to each patient.

On occassion, our surgeon have recommend that a patient would benefit from and additional diagnostic test, due to the nature of their condition.

Should this be the case , you will be adivised prior to the additional test as these are charged separately.

No need to worry where to stay, we’ll organize your accommodation according to your preference, hotel or private .


- Hotel Bastion

- Hotel Art Kalelarga

- Hotel Kolovare

- Hotel Funimation

- Rent a flat in the city

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