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KrazArt Gallery

KrazArt Gallery

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KrazArt Gallery is intended to promote
professional artisans internationally.

KrazArt Gallery represents professional artisans on leading Dutch Art & Living Fairs. Krazart will bring you in direct contact with the artisans in case you are interested in their work.

Krazart a division of Vacaza Services BV since 2009. Creative workshops of Krazart are also listed on Vacaza.com. KrazArt publishes articles in the (online) Vacaza Magazines

KrazArt Gallery heeft als doel kunstenaars internationaal te promoten.

KrazArt Gallery vertegenwoordigd Nederlandse en buitenlandse kunstenaars op Nederlandse Kunst & Living Beurzen. Krazart brengt u in direct contact met kunstenaars zodat u direct contact met hen kan opnemen indien u interesse heeft in het werk van de betreffende kunstenaars.

Krazart is een divisie van Vacaza Services BV sinds 2009.
Creatieve workshops van Krazart zijn tevens zichtbaar in Vacaza.com. Krazart publiceert artikelen in de (online) Vacaza Magazines


Ruurd Hallema - One of the most famous independent sculptors in the Netherlands

He has been sculpting for more than 30 years and his bronze sculptures can be seen everywhere in Europe. His works can be admired in, among others, his own galleries on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam and in Borne (province of Twente).

In addition to sculpting, Ruurd is also a teacher in the Industrial Design programme at the Saxion College.

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Ingrid Siliakus - World famous Paper Architect / Artist

Working with paper forces me to be humble, since this medium has a character of its own that asks for cooperation. It is a challenge to find this cooperation with each separate paper brand I work with. Working with paper the way I do, namely by means of cutting and folding creating paper sculptures, asks of me to work with meditative precision.

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Louis Nagelkerke - a wellknown indepent Dutch Fine Painter

Since 1980 he works as a professional artist. During the first years of his career, he mostly painted portrets on demand, but gradually his free work became more and more important. Louis' most important sources of inspiration are the rich culture of Bali, theatre, dance and music. He uses mixed media en with that the motion becomes prior again.

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Hanneke Bots

Hanneke Bot
s -
glass artist

Glass artist in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, specialized in glass art since 1995. She makes wonderful, spatial and colourful glass objects. Small fragile sculptures, but also bigger objects for outside. Much of her work is connected with her inner searching process. Being a woman in all her aspects is an important them in her work.

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Lucy Sylvester in her studio
Lucy Sylvester - Jewellery inspired by the British Countryside

"I walk in the countryside to collect delicate seedheads and insects, I'm interested in finding things that would decay into the ground, turning them into precious wearable objects. With climate change affecting our wildlife, my work may become a record for the future of the insect and plant life we have today."

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Gustave Nouel
Gustave Nouel - painter & performance artist at special occasions

Monumental designer and specialist in the Art of painting, Nouel is also a sculptor, graphic designer and a performance visual artist at special occasions. Gustave Nouel is considered a virtuoso artist working and living in both The Netherlands and Aruba.

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