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Julie is an American/Italian sommelier living near Siena. Her passion grows from the knowledge of how to taste wines and has opened a whole new relm of experiencing life. Come and understand the nature, history and culture behind tasting wines.

Learning about wine in Italy seems so appropriate.

My interest in wine happened by chance, but that same chance has turned into a passion.  I have always admired and respected the beauty of the Tuscan landscape, the exquisite meals and fantastic wine.  Having decided to learn more about wine, by attending a wine-tasting/sommelier course, changed the way I thought about wine and about the relationship with the land around us.   The course brought me closer to the flavour, aromas and to the full potential of taste when wine is combined with a scrumptious meal.

By visiting Italy, and with the help of the same professionals who educated me about wine (AIS- The Italian Sommelier Association), you too can have this opportunity to feel the emotions of discovering wine and its multitude of flavourss.  It will forever change how you taste wine.

vineyard and olive grove
Learn the thrill and beauty of harvesting the land and benefiting from its fruit.  Wine is the product of its environment and the passion of its caretakers.  Taste the berries, flowers, woods, and terrain in each glass of wine.  The Sangiovese grape may be a leading grape variety in Tuscany, but the many faces of the landscape, terrain and soil types, along with climate factors influence every glass of wine.  Although there are many factors that influence wine, winemakers have the last say.  They can’t make good wine out of a bad harvest but they can shape an excellent wine out of a good year.

Enjoy the quality of life, the intense and harmonious relationship between man and nature that Tuscany and Italy can offer.

Take leisurely walks along country roads and witness the hectares of lined vineyards and wondrous yellow sunflower fields.  Bike through woods to discover the invisible network of unpaved roads that connect the villages.  Learn to cook delicious meals and eat rich cheeses while sipping a glass of Tuscan wine, selected for the occasion.  Visit wineries where you can savour the aroma of fermenting and aging wines (a wonderful experience that is most intense in October - but enjoyed any time of the year).

Discovering Wine LLC - ‘Il Bello del Vino’ was created to share this beauty, knowledge and unique experience with you.

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Julie Anne V.

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